• Rented the ninja blade. To test out with my c100 for a few days! And see if it’s worth it’s price. Definitely makes a difference one of them being just the monitor as a reference to what your actually getting. Also as a shoulder rig monitor 👌. Up against the native 850 ISO of the c100. Not that noticeable of a difference but when you start getting to those low light high ISO and open fstop’s it’s like sd to 2k. Overall
    9 out of 10 #canon #c100 #film #productionlife #ninjablade #atomos #test

  • photojojo:

    New York-based artist Kim Keever specializes in photographing underwater landscapes, and a recent series explores the behavior of paint pigments in water.

    Using a massive aquarium, Kim drops colored pigments in water and captures the wonderfully abstract results.

    Paint Pigments in Water Yield Wonderfully Abstract Results

    via My Modern Met

  • It got crazy tonight! ☁️🔥

  • Filmed my first wedding today! Here is a still from camera. #weddings #weddingfilm

  • Thank you all again! The competition is over, And the winners are announced next Tuesday. Weather or not I win, one day this film will get made.

  • Thanks to all you men and women for your support bringing me this far! I have till Monday to reach well over 2000 votes! Currently just reaching 800! Let’s get this film made! Feel free to take and share these pictures on your accounts . Share with your friends, families and MOMS! And vote with multiple emails! You guys are the best! Link to vote is in my profile!

  • Testing out my c100 in low light. ISO 16000 cropped up to 300% This little camera is a beast! 

  • So I just found out that you can vote as many times as you want.. Kinda bummed I didn’t know about this and it has set me back by a lot! But there is still hope! So let’s get our vote on together! You can vote endlessly for days haha! Link is in my profile! Feel free to share and tag friends! Again thank you all for the support and how far you have gotten me in this! #landonslegacy #filmsupply #film #mothers #deathwithoutfear

  • Man yal are the best! Seriously! Thank each and everyone of you for bringing me to this point! I’ll be honest I felt like giving up on this competition because I thought no one would care for my idea. But you guys have totally changed that for me and I’m super thankful! Without you men and women this wouldn’t be possible. Let’s keep pushing to get this film made! Let’s get this ideas votes even higher! If you have multiple emails You can use those to vote again! Also share and spread the word with your friends and family! Again yal are the best! Thank you soo much! #ProjectFilmSupply #deathwithoutfear #landsonlegacy #productionlife #film #community #ilovemoms #ilovedads